About Connecting Ceremonies

To becoming a member, a Email user and password is available from Connecting Ceremonies when they are engaged as a Celebrant and the deposit for the service has been made.

Within this area, is Connecting Ceremonies intellectual property , which details many of the ceremonies that have been customised to meet our clients requirements.

This area is not public as it is what makes Connecting Ceremonies different and exciting to work and engage with.

Connecting Ceremonies is special from your first contact, planning the ceremony, Involvement of the wedding party, guidance to the event, rehearsal for the key parties, its location and special considerations that are often missed.

Our experience in ensuring a smooth and professional event is one that our clients have enjoyed from the services we provide.

A member of the, Connecting Ceremonies strives to be up to date, a leader of the States Licensed Marriage Celebrants. he Celebrants Network Inc - is a national non-profit celebrant focused community based association. 

The Celebrants Network Inc is not just a celebrant association.

The Celebrants Network Inc:

  • offers a range of projects as community education/ marketing strategies to raise the profile of civil celebrants in the general public
  • supports marriage equality for all couples¬†
  • encourages other interested people who support civil celebrations to join the association as Affiliate members.

Regular Ongoing Development Program training, ensures that Connecting Ceremonies, provides its Services as required by the Australian Attorney General.